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Environmental Compliance

PVC resin is widely used in daily-use products, industrial materials and building materials, and as such is deeply involved with people's lives and corporate activities. However, dioxins are emitted if PVC is burnt in incinerators with unsuitable incinerating conditions, and this resulted in a movement to restrict and abolish the use of PVC based on the misunderstanding that PVC is the main source of dioxins. Currently such misunderstandings about PVC and PVC applications are being resolved through scientific research and testing.
Activities to reduce the environmental burden caused by chemical substances generated when manufacturing PVC, and activities to promote recycling of PVC products, are taking on increased importance.

Kaneka is engaged in two such activities.

  1. Reducing Emissions of Chemical Substances
    In a bid to reduce emissions of 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), the main feedstocks of PVC products, Kaneka is committed to continuous initiatives using economically viable technology.
  2. Recycling PVC Products
    In order to actively promote the recycling of PVC waste, in conjunction with Kaneka's Recycling Promotion Group we have developed recycling technologies for a wide range of different products such as flooring and wallpaper, and are providing these technologies to our customers. Moreover, within the Vinyl Environmental Council (VEC), as a joint initiative with JFE Steel we have developed a technique for converting waste plastic including PVC products into fuel for blast furnaces, and returning it to chemical substances. This method was commercialized in 2004.

Kaneka has employed the environmental system ISO14001 at our Takasago plant, Kashima plant and Osaka plant.


ISO14001 Certified Sites

Takasago plant JCQA-E-0105
Kashima plant JCQA-E-0054
Osaka plant JCQA-E-0053I

ISO14001 Certificate

ISO14001 Certificate

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