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Acryl Grafted-Vinyl Chloride Coporymer PRICTMER™


Kaneka PRICTMER™ Resin is a new Acryl grafted - Vinyl Chloride copolymer, which the acrylic macro monomer is completely grafted with chloride. It is an internal plasticized flexible material, without using plasticizer.


Films for Printing use, labels,
waterproof sheets, soil-resistant film



Advantages of Acryl Grafted-Vinyl Chloride Coporymer PRICTMER™

  1. Internal plasticizing functions
    • High Flexibility due to introducing acryl molecule.
    • As the cohesive force of the vinyl chloride molecular chain is reduced, the fluidity of the resolution is resolution is improved. High melt flow due to reducing cohesion between molecule chains of Vinyl chloride.
  2. Acrylic functions
    • Long-term ligh/weather resistance. (The acryl grafting inhibits the photodegradation.)
  3. Vinyl Chloride functions
    • Chemical resistance equivalent to vinyl chloride.
  4. Microphase-separated structure functions
    • With a structure microphase-separated by complete graft copolymerization, transparency is developed. Transparency with a microphased-separeted structure by complete graft copolymerization.
    • As it also contains a microphase-separated structure on the surface layer, it has an antifouling property. Antifouling effect of the surface layer which have a microphase-separated structure.
    • Thanks to the above surface microphase-separated structure, it goes perfectly with Excellent printing performance which has less bleeding for and offers outstanding printing performance.
    • Contains no volatile substances.


Grade Name Features
GX Rigid

Download of SDS

Fundamential Physical Properties of the Resin

  S1003+DOP40phr PRICTMER™ GX
Tensile Strength σB (MPa) 25.0 33.5
Tensile Elastic Modulus Em(MPa) 88 940
Elongation at Break ε (%) 269 142
Flexural Strength σf (MPa) 2.2 40.9
Flexural Modulus Ef (MPa) 50 1,218
MFR (g/10min) 0.9 4.8
Shore A Hardness 97 101
Shore D Hardness 43.7 62.8

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