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Kaneka CPVC is a chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin developed using Kaneka's unique technology. CPVC is characterized by heat resistance which has been improved by 20 to 40°C without harming PVC's physical and chemical properties. CPVC can be used in applications under high temperatures, where general purpose PVC would soften, rendering it useless.

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Detailed Data


Hot water pipes/fittings
Industrial pipes/fittings
Fire Sprinkler pipes/fittings
Underground pipes for housing power cables

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Advantages of CPVC

  1. Heat resistance improved by 20 to 40°C compared to conventional PVC.
  2. Outstanding chemical resistance and corrosion resistance on a par with PVC.
  3. In contrast to PE, PP and ABS, CPVC is self-extinguishing, generates minimal smoke, and has flammability and low-smoke properties.


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List of Properties According to Grade

The grades of CPVC

Graph: The grades of CPVC

General properties of CPVC

  Test Method Unit H829 H716S H727 H516A H547 H305
Tensile Strength at Yield ASTMD 638 Mpa 56 53 55 53 54 51
Tensile Modulus ASTMD 638 x100MPa 29 28 29 29 29 28
Elongation at Break ASTMD 638 % 80 110 85 120 100 100
Sharpy Impact Strength ASTMD 256 J/M 358 245 285 304 314 260
Heat Deflection Temperature (264psi) ASTMD 648 °C 110 107 107 102 102 95
Vicat Softening Temperature (5kg load) ASTMD 1525 °C 119 116 115 104 103 96

* The numbers are represented numbers, not guaranteed.

* The above tables are represented grades, please consult with us when use.

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