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Chemical Products


Soda and chlorine, both obtained through the electrolysis of salt, are fundamental chemical products that are essential for daily life.
Moreover, HYPER-CHLOR™ is certified by the Japan Water Works Association (JWWA) as a first-class sodium hypochlorite product that reduces the amount of bromic and chloric acid in our water supply, thus contributing to the supply of high-quality drinking water.


Detailed Data (HYPER-CHLOR™)


  • HYPER-CHLOR™, low salt sodium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite
    Water supply disinfectant, bleaching agent, etc.
  • Caustic soda
    For general industrial purposes, neutralizing agent, etc.


Kaneka is adding value to items for general use, through engaging in the complete manufacture as well as research and development of a range of products from electrolysis products, chemical products, monomers to vinyl chloride resin products.


  • Sodium hypochlorite: HYPER-CHLOR™, low salt sodium hypochlorite, general products
  • Caustic soda
  • Hydrochloric acid: pure hydrochloric acid

Download of SDS

Product Introduction

    This sodium hypochlorite product, suitable for use in the water supply, is rated a level 1 first-class quality product by the Japan Water Works Association

HYPER-CHLOR™ standard and actual values

Item Rated as a Level 1 First-class Quality Product
(JWWA K 120)
Kaneka Standard Actual Values
(Examples Taken from In-house Analysis)
Available Chlorine (%) 12.0 or more 12.0 or more 12.9
Free Alkali (%) 2 or less 0.8 or less 0.7
Bromic Acid (mg/kg) 50 or less 10 or less 1
Chloric Acid (mg/kg) 4000 or less 3000 or less 2000
Sodium Chloride (%) 4.0 or less 4.0 or less 3.2

HYPER-CHLOR™ is based on the reference value Water Supply Act, and products that reduce bromic and chloric acid.

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