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Homopolymer PVC


Kanevinyl™ S and KS Series, Kaneka's Homopolymer PVC products, come in a wide range of polymerization, from low to high degrees, and can be used in many different molding methods as rigid and soft applications.


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Wide-ranging applications, including building materials, electric wires/cables, leather sheeting, industrial materials, lifelines and packaging.

Advantages of Homopolymer PVC

We have provided a lineup extending from low K values (low polymerization degree) to high K values (high polymerization degree) which can be used in a wide range of applications by blending in plasticizers and/or lubricants.
Low K value (low polymerization degree) grades have outstanding transparency and hue, and are particularly well regarded in the plate and rigid sheet applications. Their excellent fluidity in a molten state means that they can also be used in injection molding.
Soft applications grade, which are used as electric wires/cables and as flexible sheets, have excellent plasticizer absorption, and an outstanding fisheye level.
Our lineup also contains a high K value (high polymerization degree) grade which can be used in cold-resistant cables.


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List of Properties According to Grade

Kanevinyl™ S Series and Kanevinyl™ KS Series

Grade K Value (Average Polymerization) Apparent Density (g/ml) Applications
S-400 51 (480) 0.62 High fluidity products,
injection molding products
S1006 57 (650) 0.63 Having good fluidity ,
suitable for fittings
S1007 58 (700) 0.60 Fittings, rigid plates,
rigid sheets, stretched film,
injection molding products
S1008 61 (800) 0.60
S1001 67 (1050) 0.57 Pipes, contour extrusion products,
films, for use in soft extrusion
S1001N 67 (1050) 0.53 Films for foodstuffs,
for soft applications
S1003 71 (1300) 0.52 Films for foodstuffs, hoses,
cladding for electrical wiring
S1003N 72 (1300) 0.50 When softer physical
properties are required
S1004 73 (1400) 0.50 Films for agricultural use, leathers
KS-1700 77 (1700) 0.50 Rubber elasticity,
heat resistant electrical wiring,
pressure resistant hoses,
heat- and cold resistant leathers,
special film, special sheets
KS-2500 85 (2500) 0.49
KS-3000 88 (3000) 0.49

Test Methods

  Test Methods
K Value JIS K7367-2 ISO 1628-2
Average of Polymerization Degree Former JIS K6721
Apparent Density (g/ml) JIS K7365 ISO 60

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