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Smoke Generation Properties

Following table shows the fuming factor of KANEKA CPVC which is far less than ordinary PVC.

Graph: Smoke Generation Properties


Film : Calendered film, 0.4mm thickness Tin stabilizer system using KANEKA CPVC (KV57,CL68%).

Testing device; JIS A 1321

(1) Heating furnace

Main heat source is electric heater having voltage requlator, and sub-heat source is town gas.
The exhaust temperature is measured by the thermocouple.
Using reference plate, 1cm thick inorganic particle plate, exhaust temperature is set within allowance of 20Z as follows:

Time, min. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Exhaust Temp, °C 70 80 90 155 205 235

First 3 min. heat by only sub-heat source, and then 3 min. heated by both sub-heat and main heat source.

(2) Smoke box

For measuring fuming quantity, smoke box is fitted, on the upper parts of the heating furnace.

(3) Actinometer

In the smoke box, at the central part, actinometer has the device to suck and mesure the smoke at the rate of 1.5 l/min.

(4) Fuming Factor (CA)

Fuming factor per unit area will be obtained by following formula.

Fuming factor

Io = illuminance at the time of commencement of heat.
I = minimum value of illuminance during heat test.

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