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Comparison with Other Materials

  1. Over half of the mass consists of non-petrified raw materials
    ⇒ oil consumption is low; this is a resource-saving plastic
    Figure: Comparison with Other Materials
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages (taken from the Vinyl Environmental Council (VEC) website)
    1. Outstanding mechanical physical properties
    2. Outstanding creep resistance
    3. Outstanding chemical resistance
    4. Transparency
    5. Flame resistance
    6. Outstanding adhesion and printing capabilities
    7. Good electrical properties
    8. By adding a plasticizing agent, the flexibility of the PVC product can be altered freely
    9. For soft PVC products, physical properties similar to elastomer such as rubber and texture similar to leather can be obtained.
    1. Impact strength at low temperatures is low
    2. The deformation temperature (maximum temperature for practical use) is slightly low
    3. For soft PVC products, there is some exudation of the plasticizing agent (bleeding, volatilization, migration)
    4. Viscoelasticity is high, not suitable for large-size injection molding

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